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Danielle has graciously volunteered her time to type up Reba lyrics for my webpage and I'd like to thank her for time and effort! What a generous young lady!

Here in her own words is Danielle's story! I think you'll find that she's a great young lady! Thanks's Danielle!

I am 20 years old and my birthday is on August 19th. I also enjoy many of the other powerhouse singers in this field such as Trisha, Lila, Martina, and Linda Davis. I also like to write, am currently working on a book of "cloud stories." If you want to know the story behind those just ask. I am also a fan of the daytime drama, Days Of Our Lives and have been for the 20 years of their 30+. I was born and raised here in Maryland and still live here today. I'm currently attending college and will receive an AA degree in psychology at the end of the spring semester 2000. I then will go on for a degree in child psychology from a 4 year school. I'm also an assistant Girl Scout leader and was a scout from the time I was 6 till when I graduated high school.The girls I help lead have just bridged to Juniors and we started when they were Daisies so that's been about 4 years now. I also enjoy spending a lot of time on-line and when I can tie that in with country music and Reba all the better. I am the president of what I like to call the AOL chapter of the fan club but we have expanded to include any fans that would like to join. However, we do meet once a week to chat but everyone can receive the mailings. I also tell my members to feel free to come to me with any questions or ideas they may have, whether they are about Reba, country music, or life in general. I've typed up many a lyric for people as well as repeating tv appearances and answering endless trivia but I love doing this from one fan to another. Now here's the biggie that I've been asked to tell you all, and I love telling this story. The story of how I became a Reba fan. I know we all have our sagas and yes some sound like a perfect movie of the week but I know that like me, you love the chance to tell it. So as Reba said, here's my story. I grew up listening to whatever my mom had on her car radio when I was with her and what my dad had on his car radio when I was with him.My mom had the oldies, my dad the country station. Being a girl I gravitated toward spending more time with mom so I got to know the songs and the artists of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Then when it became time to program my own radio, I'd have the oldies station right there at the top with the country ones following. Then I began to like certain songs from the country stations. So as it became time for me to be able to say hey I'd like the CD with that song on it is when my Reba collection started to grow. I asked for "She Thinks His Name Was John" for my birthday so I got the "Read My Mind" CD. Then I asked for "Take It Back" so for Christmas I got the "It's Your Call" CD. My mom likes to joke when she sees how much of a fanatic I've become that she started it all. My mom loves to shop and loves it even more when you give her somebody else to do it for and a theme. All I said was I wanted that one CD. Christmas morning I find that CD, a poster of Reba, and her autobiography, My Story. So, being a kid still but a female in the family as well, I spent the rest of that day between enjoying my presents and helping out in the kitchen. So, after the relatives had gone home and all was cleaned up, I thought well I don't feel like going to bed and I got this new book here. I still remember curling up with my back to the arm of the couch, turning on the lamp behind me and opening to the first page. And from that night on, I read every chance I got of this book. That sparked my interest. I thought wow, not only do I like these songs, but look what this woman has done with her life, I like her even more! So, within a couple days, up goes the poster right on the wall by my bed and has been there ever since. That was back in 94 I believe. That's only a short time but now if you know me you know who I like just by walking in the room. That book has also gotten me into reading biographies, autobiographies and anything country music related that I can find. So thanks for letting me share my story and thanks to RebaGal for being such a sweetie. See ya down the road..:) Check out Danielle's website!

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