Oklahoma Girl
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CD 1

I don't want to be a one night stand
A cowboy like you
There's nothing like the love(Between a woman and a man)
Right Time of the Night
Invitation to the Blues
Last Night, Every Night
Runaway Heart
I still long to hold you now and then
The blues don't care who's got em
Sweet Dreams
My Heart has a Mind of it's own
I'm a woman
I don't think love ought to be that way
You lift me up to Heaven
Tears on My Pillow
Empty Arms
Suddenly There's a Valley
I can see forever in your eyes
A Poor Man's Roses

CD 2
Waitin' For the Sun to Shine
How Does it Feel to Be Free
Small Two Bedroom Starter
Lovin you Lovin' Me
Only you
Today all over again
I'm not that lonely yet
Old Man River
Whoever's Watchin
Can't Even Get the Blues
You're the First time I've thought about Leavin
Muddy Mississippi
She came on like lightnin'
One Good Reason
Why Do We Want what we know we can't have
Pins and Needles
We'll Waltz in Love tonight
There Ain't No Future in This