Reba's Jukebox!
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Reba's Jukebox!

TITLE                            YEAR        LABEL
  Reba McEntire                    1977	     Mercury

Out of A Dream                   1979      Mercury

Feel The Fire                    1980		 Mercury

Heart To Heart                   1981        Mercury

   Unlimited                        1982        Mercury

   Behind The Scene                 1983        Mercury

   Just a Little Love               1984	     MCA

    My Kind of Country               1984        MCA

    Have I Got A Deal For You        1985        MCA

    Best of Reba McEntire

    What Am I Gonna Do About You     1986        MCA

   Whoever's In New England         1986        MCA

     The Last One To Know             1987        MCA

     Merry Christmas To You			 1987        MCA

   Reba                             1988        MCA

     Sweet Sixteen                    1989        MCA

    Live                             1989        MCA

    Rumor Has It                     1990        MCA

    For My Broken Heart              1991        MCA

    It's Your Call                   1992        MCA

    Greatest Hits V.1                1992        MCA

    Greatest Hits V.2                1993        MCA

    Oklahoma Girl                    1994        MCA

    Read My Mind                     1994        MCA

     Starting Over                    1995        MCA

    What If It's You                 1996        MCA

     What If                          1997        MCA

Moments & Memories            1998        MCA

     If You See Him                  1998        MCA

 REBA & Brooks & Dunn Exclusive Collectors CD 1998 MCA

 Forever Reba                1998

The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack       1998        Dreamworks			

So Good Together - 1999  MCA

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