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4/1 Jim Ed Brown in Sparkman, AR

4/2 Billy Dean in Quincy, FL

4/2 Emmylou Harris in Birmingham,AL

4/3 Don Gibson in Shelby, NC

4/6 Merle Haggard in Bakersfield, CA(A Major Influence on our favorite redhead!)

4/7 Bobby Bare in Ironton, OH

4/9 Hal Ketchum in Greenwhich, NY

4/11 Steve Azar in Greenville, MS

4/12 Vince Gill in Norman, OK(This Man has the a most beautiful voice. So soft and down to earth!)

4/14 Loretta Lynn in Butcher Holler, KY(What can I say! She's the one and only Loretta!)

4/15 Roy Clark in Meherrin, VA(All Hee Haw fans will know this Man!)

4/22 Glen Campbell in Delight, AR

4/23 Roy Orbison in Vernon, TX

4/29 Stephanie Bentley

4/29 James Bonamy(Mr. Elvis Eyes Himself! Hubba Hubba! :D)

4/30 Willie Nelson in Abbott, TX(On the Road Again!)

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