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It's Your Call

(Liz Hengber, Shawna Harrington-Burkhart, Bruce Burch) It's your call, It's her Would you rather take it in the other room She's hangin' on and so am I Yeah, I know all about it don't act so surprised It's time to end this game you're playin' She's not the only one who's waitin' on the line It's your call It's up to you And I won't try to stop you if you go But if you stay tell her goodbye I can't take another minute I can't stand another night Of wondering if I even matter It's something only you can answer Here's the phone, It's your call There's no easy way out this time Cause I won't live this way She called here to talk to you With a message that I can't take Oh, I've got to know if I still matter It's somethin' only you can answer Here's the phone, It's your call

Straight From You

(Gary Harrison, Tim Mensy) People love to talk And Lord I've heard it all A rumor's not a stranger in this town Now me, I pay no mind But it's hittin' home this time Now I've been told you've gone and let me down Chorus: I need to hear it straight from you Is it rumor or truth It would break my heart in two But if it's gonna be bad news I need to hear it straight from you I need to hear it straight from you They all know her name You didn't spare me any shame I wonder did you even try to hude I think that you owe me Just a little honesty And even though you told me with your eyes Repeat Chorus:

Take It Back

(Kristy Jackson) You talked me into moving in and giving you my key You said you'd be a mess now if it hadn't been for me You said I stole your heart away by looking in your eyes I wonder now how many times you sold that pack of lies Chorus: If this is how you act when you give your heart away Well, take it back Take it back You told me I was everything you wanted and more Then tell me what you're doing now sneaking out the back door You're bringing home flowers and a bottle of Chablis You forgot I don't drink wine I know that bottle's not for me Repeat Chorus: Oh, you must think I'm blind And I don't smell your new cologne You don't think I notice All the nights I spend alone Well, I'm not one for sitting 'round in some ole pity pool You think you got a ticket and I must be some kind of fool I hate to steal your thunder but your playing days are through At least they are with me cause babe, I got no use for you Tonight laying on the street Babe, your bag is packed So, take it back

Baby's Gone Blues

(Pat Bunch, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy) I feel the blues coming on Cause I feel you being gone It's something I wish I could lose Baby's gone blues There ain't no sunshine in sight Cause you're gonna leave me tonight My heart is sure feeling bruised Baby's gone blues Chorus: Oh - love has gone wrong It's so hard on my heart going from good into gone There ain't no easy way back into nights before you Baby's gone blues Baby's gone blues It's like a razor on me Knowing you want to be free I'm standing here feeling used Baby's gone blues There ain't no dreams coming true I won't recover from you There ain't no heartache like you Baby's gone blues Repeat Chorus:

The Heart Won't Lie

(Kim Carnes/Donna Terry Weiss) Looking back over the years Of All the things I've always meant to say But words didn't come easily So many times through empty fears Of all of the nights I tried to pick up the phone So scared of who might be answering You try to live your life from day to day But seeing you across the room tonight Just gives me away Chorus: Cause the heart won't lie Sometimes life gets in the way But there's one thing that won't change I know I've tried The heart won't lie You can live your alibi Who can see you're lost inside a foolish disguise The heart won't lie Long after tonight Will you still hear my voice through the radio Old desires make us act carelessly Long after tonight, after the fire After the scattered ashes fly Through the four winds blown and gone Will you come back to me? You try to live your life from day to day But seeing you across the room tonight Just gives me away Repeat Chorus:

One Last Good Hand

(John Jarrard, Gary Burr) The stars are way out of reach, they all said Those are crazy schemes that fill your fool head But it was clear from the moment we met We could prove them wrong All my life I heard that same old story Dare to dream and you'll just be sorry I might have given up my shot at glory But then you came along Chorus: We're not expecting this to go down easy We're not expecting any sweet dreams Sure thing But with a little luck Could be we'll be Winding up the way we planned Heading for our promised land Holding one last good hand Something's calling us I know you hear it Day by day I feel us growing near it But once you find a kindred spirit There's nothing you can do Oh, baby I'm not saying we won't ever stumble Some days will be rough and tumble You and I know that life's a gamble But I'll Bet mine on you Repeat Chorus:

He Wants To Get Married

(Sandy Knox, Anthony Little) He believes in the family unit The union of man and wife He believes that you stand before God For better, for worse and beyond this life He believes that a ring on his finger Is something to be proud of For all of the world to witness That he is committed to this love He wants to get married He'll build a house in the country Where he'll watch his children grow And teach them the values of something That most people never even know He wants to get married I never thought I would be so blessed To know a man like this He's everything, everything I believe that a man should be And when he is called to his maker He wants to go to his grave With his final remembrance of this earth To be one last look at his wife's face He wants to get married He wants to get married Oh, he wants to get married But not to me

For Herself

(Shawna Harrington-Burkhart, Liz Hengber, Reba McEntire) Uncle Slim had let her know she couldn't ride that horse He was the one that was only meant for men She walked around till way after dark Rode that horse with all her heart And in the night how she rode Chorus: Somehow she always knew she had the strength inside And even if she fell she'd survive In spite of all the tears she may cry This is how she has to live her life As hard as it may be, she has to find out for herself Mama and daddy told her from the start he was no good They'd seen how he treated the other girls She waited around till the sun went down Slipped out of the house not makin' a sound And in the night oh how they drove Repeat Chorus: It was fifteen years to the day he became a stranger in her eyes In the coldest words of anger He said without me you won't survive There's a suitcase in the closet she had packed six months ago She don't leave a note that's not her style So she waited around till way after dark Left that man who broke her heart Now she's gone, oh she's gone Repeat Chorus:

Will He Ever Go Away

(Will Robinson, Gerry House) On a cool gray morning, I watched with my own eyes As he headed out the driveway and finally out of my life Oh I knew he'd soon be miles from my mind So why should tears start fallin' after all this time Chorus: How can a memory last this long Will he ever go away Even the stars burn out and fall Will he ever go away How can someone who left so long ago Still be here with me today Will he ever go away Shouldn't I start living my life for myself Shouldn't it be easy to fall in love with someone else Oh why should it be his touch I feel in the dark And will his voice always echo through my heart Repeat Chorus:

Lighter Shade Of Blue

(Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes, Skip Ewing) I guess it finally dawned on me you're gone Well maybe I can make it on my own I don't stay up wonderin' if you'll call And some nights I don't dream of you at all Your memory's still hurtin' deep inside That's something I'm still learnin' how to hide Though this heart of mine has lost an ache or two I've only turned a lighter shade of blue Chorus: Lookin/ down the line sometimes I think I see a change But then I think again and think of you Here and there I've turned a stone But the mountain hasn't moved I've only turned a lighter shade of blue I'm still afraid of turning out the light And it takes all my strength to face the night Cause that's the time I face the bitter truth I've only turned a lighter shade of blue Repeat Chorus:

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