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Where is REBA's newest single at on the charts?

You come to the right place to get an anwser!

From now on I am going to do this page totally different. I will have links for each of the charts that Reba's songs are on. 
Bear with me as I get the charts I need.Follow the links below to check the charts. Enjoy!

Billboard Charts

Casey Kasem's Top 40
Why did I put Casey Kasem's chart on here? I found it interesting that Faith Hill and Shania Twain were on this one. Shania doesn't surprise me as much but Faith does. Have a look.

American Country Countdown with Bob Kingsley!

Crook & Chase Country Countdown!

Roughstock Country Countdown!

If you know of any other good charts that I should add, email me at

Click Here to Hear a clip of Forever Love!