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All Of You

(Robert Ellis Orrall, Anna Wilson, Rebecca Maples) I think about Holding you and kissing you Wanting you and missing you Clock is ticking and the wind is howling and I'm just staring at the candle burning Bottle of red that we never opened Your voice in my head tossing and turning The radio is playing our song Can't sing along, can't even listen I dial your number but I don't let it ring Chorus: I think about holding you and kissing you Wanting you and missing you Building up and breaking down walls I dream about finding you and keeping you Loving you and living you I'm telling you I want it all, all of you I can't let go and I can't keep Holdin' on to nothing but I just Keep trying to tell myself there's A damn good reason but it's not Enough to keep me from crying I've memorized every look, every touch Every time you told me our hearts weren't lying I'm wondering now do you even know Repeat Chorus I can't break free of you I don't know how Oh I'm not about To let go Of you I love you I need you now Repeat Chorus All of you

I'll Take Your Heart(what's in parantheses is background vocals) (R.J. Lange)

Movin up where you want to be Talking tough, that won't work with me It's my heart, it ain't Hollywood You want it baby Oh you got to be good (Heyya) mm (Heyya) heyyy (Heyya) ooo (Hey Hey ya) Take you up where you never been Tie your seat belt, oh strap yourself in Start a rumor, nothing to it Oh it's you and me baby are just the ones to do it I don't want to be the lonely game in town I just want to be the only girl around Yeah I'm gonna take you straight to the top Never gonna stop Show you what I got Chorus: I'll take your heart (I'll take your heart) Before you know it's gone Leave you standing but you won't be alone Take your rhythm and leave you out of time I'll take everything and give you all of mine (I'll take your heart) I'll take your heart And you ain't gonna feel it Can't do nothing babe You know I'm gonna steal it And I'll take your heart Before you know it's gone (Heyya, Heyya, Heyya, Hey Hey Heyya) Lady luck just be good to me Send me love special delivery Ain't in a movie, I ain't on TV I'm a living, loving breathing leading kind of lady I don't want to be alone at the end of the phone I just want to be the one that turns you on Yeah I'm gonna take you straight to the top Never gonna stop Show you what I got Repeat Chorus Some girls will cut you like a knife Some girls will even stay the night But this girl is gonna stay for life Ya know it's right (Heyya) mm (Heyya) heyy (Heyya) oo (Hey Hey ya) Repeat Chorus twice as song fades

A big thanks goes out to our lyric typist, Danielle for these lyrics!

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