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Welcome to Dreamland! On this page you will find some of the neatest, weirdest, strangest, Reba dreams ever. We Rebamaniacs dream up some of the nuttiest stuff. But then that is what makes us who we are.

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I had a dream about Reba a week ago. I dreamed that she came to my church for a rally. But for some reason only kids were there. Besides Reba and I that is. Reba sang a song for the kids. It was one that she said was a new one. She got part way through it and then the band messed up and she got this funny look on her face and then quit singing. Up until this point she was standing in the aisle. She then went up on the stage and sat down at this table. The kids started going up to her and talking to her. I finally got up the courage to go up myself. When I got up there I asked her "Is Chockie smaller than Scranton?" Scranton is the little town I live in. Reba answered "Chockie is smaller I think." And then I went back down into the pews. Then all of sudden these two big guys in black came in and Reba slipped out this side door. Next thing we know is she is heading out the front door arm in arm with these two. Then we all started filing outside and I saw some of her crew loading up the bus. I asked them who the two guys in black were and they said that they were her security guys. One other odd thing about this dream was Reba's hair. It was wild. Punk like. I think Sandy goofed on Reba's hair in this dream. It was bizarre. I hope I never see Reba's hair like that for real. LOL! Anyway I woke up after they told me that those two guys were her security.
(April 1999)

I look forward to everyone sharing their Reba dreams. Thanks for visiting! Come again soon! Amy, the RebaGal

Jamie from Missouri

I had a dream shortly after I got engaged about Reba.
It went something like this: I had invited Reba to my wedding. I knew she wouldn't be able to attend, but I thought it couldn't hurt to invite her anyway. Well, the day of the wedding arrived, and I was waiting at the back of the church to walk down the aisle. The song I was going to walk down the aisle to was "Forever Love." I was just going to play the song from the CD over the sound system. The music started and I bagan to walk down the aisle, when all of a sudden someone began to sing. It was Reba singing, but it sounded so real, like she was there singing the song.
As I got to the middle of the aisle, I had to turn around and look up in the balcony to see what was going on. I kept thinking to myself that this was not a funny joke to play on me on the day of my wedding, but to my surprise, it was no joke at all. It was Reba, in the flesh, singing "Forever Love" as I walked down the aisle.
I was so amazed that she was not only at my ceremony, but that she was singing as I walked down the aisle, that I fainted. When I awoke, Reba was standing over me and told me she didn't mean to startle me, but my mom had written her a letter telling her how all I wanted as a wedding gift was to have Reba at my wedding. We started the ceremony over, Reba sang as I walked down the aisle, and I lived happily ever after.
(April 1999)


I had gone to the public library to meet reba because for some reason she was going to be there singing for something and then meeting her fans.Well me and a friend went and were sitting in a hallway waiting for her to come by and we finally gave up because we had waited there for like a couple hours so we went downstairs in the basement of the library and all of a sudden Reba came around the corner and I totally freaked out and backed into a stack of books knocking them over and Reba came over and said "Oh I am so sorry I startled you darlin" and then helped me back up to my feet.
After that I dont know how it came from that but I found myself becoming good friends with her and she took me to her house to meet her family and she told me to wait in her jeep while she went in and told everyone I was there. LOL :) So anyway she goes in and I can see her through the window walking up the stairs and going in the upstairs room and talking to Narvel,her husband and him looking out at me and smiling and the whole family comes out and welcomes me there. (April 1999)