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Forever Love is Reba's most recent movie. It is a heartwarming movie that 
will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, as Reba likes to say.

Reba plays Lizzy, who is married to Alex. Lizzy and Alex have a beautiful
daughter named Emma. When Emma is 3, Lizzy has a stroke and falls into
a comma. Alex decides to care for Lizzy at home. Alex and Emma talk to Lizzy
all the time while she is in a coma. Twenty years later, Lizzy awakens
from the coma. Lizzy must find a way to pick up where she left of in her 
life. She must get to know her daugher all over again. She must face 
the fact Alex and her best friend fell in love during the time that 
she was in a comma and deal with that. Alex however is determined to
find Lizzy again and falls in love with her all over again. It is a 
wonderful story of love, determination, and strength. Reba plays Lizzy 
brilliantly and the rest of the cast is great too.Garret, Reba's neice even
had a small part in it. Can you find her?

This is a must see movie! Reba shines as she always does!

Forever Love is the song that was written for the movie. It was written by Sunny Russ. Click here to hear a sample of this great song!