The Gambler 4
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The Gambler Returns: Gambler part 4 was Reba's second movie. She co-starred with Kenny Rogers in this fun western. The movie picks up where the gambler's last adventure left off. He is about to be hung in a Mexican border town and guess who comes to his rescue? None other than our favorite red-head! Reba plays Burgandy. She saves the day and Kenny's neck literally! Then she and Kenny head off to Kansas to reunite with her fellow business partners. On the way Burgandy tells him that she needs him to play in the last legal poker game in San Francisco. But first he must win his way into this big game. He ends up in a poker game in Kansas and wins. This is his money and passport to San Francisco. In a cute side note Burgandy's mother is dealer in this pregame. The couple then head off towards San Francisco. On the way they battle two different people for the money to play in the high stakes game. One is a shifty eyed loner and the other is a gang of misfits who can't seem to do anything right. Finally Burgandy and the gambler make it to San Francisco. We find out that Burgandy needs the money to save the orphanage she runs back in Kansas. I won't spoil the ending for those of you who haven't seen this movie yet. But I do highly reccomend it. It is entertaining and Reba shines on the screen. Her second movie debut was a smash hit!