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Is There Life Out There?

This was the movie based on Reba's powerhouse song "Is There Life Out There?" Reba plays Lilly, a woman determined to go back to school. She feels that it is her time to finish what she started. Her kids are growing up and after the death of her father she feels that it is time to move on to new things. The movie brings out many strong things. It touches on the devastation of the death of a loved one, the terror of being raped, the helplessness in the the face of Cancer and the toughness of picking up the pieces and getting on with life.Lilly is a strong woman who is played well by Reba. This was one of Reba's first serious dramatic roles and Reba does exceptional! It has everything, tears, laughter, anger, etc. Reba likes to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and she usually succeeds! The movie does well in expanding some of the concepts that the song and video bring out! It is a great movie!