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Just A Little Love (Dennis Morgan, Steve Davis)

When our check bounces at the store And the whole world seems at war You bring me peace of mind once more With just a little love When the boss says I'm ten minutes late And the stack of bills just won't wait Ooo, you take the worries away With just a little love Chorus: Just a little love And affection You bring a touch of perfection To a world that's sometimes crazy And so mixed up Just a little love You have changed me You make me see why the good Lord made me And you can do miracles With just a little love When our old car won't run And all my dreams come undone You'll make it right won't ya hun With just a little love When it seems like all the truths are gone When I'm trying so hard to hold on You make it easy to be strong With just a little love Repeat Chorus

Poison Sugar (Dennis Knutson, A.L. Doodle Owens)

He's tall dark and dangerous He's a love thief on the run He's a moonlight bandit Brother to the devil's son He'll cover you with sweet talk Tell you what you want to hear Then he'll take your smiling face And he'll cover it with tears Oh they call him poison sugar Cause there's poison in his kiss Oh you ladies warn your daughters About the stranger with the poison lips His hands warm your body like the morning Georgia sun You'll think you found forever in his arms before he's done With honey dripping off his words Your passion takes him home His lying lips won't tell you You'll be waking up alone Repeat Chorus You could find him on a dark street You could meet him at the store He could even wake you up Knocking on your door Well, I'm talking from experience I'm a victim of his kiss I'm just one of the many He's loved and left like this Repeat Chorus x3

I'm Gettin' Over You (Steve Davis, Dennis Morgan)

I changed my number Bought some new clothes Got some different records And a new ? I'm gettin over you I'm gettin over you I'm going out dancing Learning new jokes I'm staying out later Than I should I suppose But I'm gettin over you I'm gettin over you I took our name off the mailbox Redecorated our room I'm not saying the hurtin's all gone But it'll be gone soon Chorus: I'm gettin over you So what if you're not here I'm gettin' over you And it'll happen one of these years I ordered make-up From Vogue magazine I'm taking aerobics two nights a week And I'm getting over you Oh I'm getting over you I'm gettin' over you I'm gettin' over you My friends come over And they wonder why Your picture's back on the wall Instead of proving losing you Don't bother me at all Repeat Chorus I'm gettin over you Oh I'm gettin over you

You Are Always There For Me (Norro Wilson, Wayland Holyfield)

This song is Mary and I's themesong! It epitomizes our friendship through and through!

I know sometimes I'm like a child I disappoint you so And how you keep forgiving me I'll never never know When I stumble and I fall And need love desperately You are always there for me Chorus: Like an oak in the wind Like an old familiar friend Like a harbor in a wild and raging sea Darlin' you are always there for me When I take your love for granted Like I often do It's not that I don't need you so It's not I don't love you It's just that I'm a fool sometimes Just too blind to see That you are always there for me Repeat Chorus x2

Every Second Someone Breaks A Heart (Richard Brossman)

It's a dangerous world we live in Crime is everywhere There's always some sad story going down You can read it in the paper You can see it on the air It's an evil epidemic going round But nobody seems to notice The saddest crime of all Oh just how many times a day Someone takes their love away And the national statistics Never put it in the chart But every second someone breaks a heart There's a woman out there somewhere Who feels she lost her life But her man just shot her world down And it hurts There's a guy who just got taken And it cuts him like a knife Some girl stole his heart and left him Without a world They don't call it a crime of passion But it kills you just the same It's murder when a true love dies Right before your very eyes And as soon as one is over Another one will start Every second someone breaks Every second someone breaks a heart If you've got someone who loves you Be careful all the time Do you know where your love is tonight Cause there's always someone trying To find the perfect crime And you never know just when They'll strike So you better watch your woman And you better watch your man Cause no one's safe when love's at stake Anybody's heart can break And the next time that it happens You're not the losing part Every second someone breaks a heart Every second someone breaks a heart Every second someone breaks a heart

Tell Me What's So Good About Goodbye (Allen Henson, Keith Palmer)

I thought love was meant to last forever Isn't that how love's supposed to be Now it seems the good times are all over It's so funny I guess the joke's on me Every day I sit alone and wonder Why I fell in love so easily And then woke up to find that all he left behind Are tattered dreams and broken pieces in my memory So tell me what's so good about goodbye What's so good about watching good love die He's the kind you can't forget So I won't even try Tell me what's so good I gave him all I could Tell me what's so good about goodbye I don't think I'll ever love another I didn't know that goodbye could hurt so bad I know I'll always find he's somewhere in my mind Still believe the worst of him's the best I'll ever have Repeat Chorus

He Broke Your Memory Last Night (Dickey Lee, Bucky Jones)

Like a rare piece of crystal Like a fine china cup I kept your memory all safely locked up Afraid I could never love somebody new I was trying to save what I had left of you Then he broke your memory last night I felt it shatter inside I guess he held me a little too right He broke your memory last night The moment he touched me with his gentle hands Your memory crumbled like a house built on sand He swept all the pieces of your love away And then gave me his love to put in it's place Cause he broke your memory last night I felt it shatter inside I guess he held me a little too right He broke your memory last night He broke your memory last night

If Only (Wayland Holyfield, Amy Sky)

If only I'd have thought to send you roses For no reason just to send you roses And if only I thought to say more often I love you But I just assumed you knew Chorus: And if only I'd have tried a little harder If only we'd have talked a little more If only I'd have held you closer Then maybe I'd be holding you tonight If only you, if only I The saddest words are not goodbye They're if only If only we hadn't just pretended there was nothing wrong It might not have ended If only we'd have given more attention To the small things We might have it all today Repeat Chorus Instead of silence There'd been angry words If we had only listened We just might have held our hearts Repeat Chorus

Congratulations (Dave Gibson, Patti Stephens)

Congratulations You made a fool out of me I hope you're happy So now just let me be I might be slow to lovers But I catch on eventually Congratulations You made a fool out of me Anticipation You kept me waiting in line Your situation did not allow you time So I'd sit home alone Pretending someday you'd be mine Congratulations You made a fool of me this time Then he played it smart You stole my heart And tore my world apart Guess you always knew I'd be the perfect fool Congratulations baby You win, I lose Imagination The way I dreamed it could be Ooo, the sweetest sensation Of how you made love to me But now the vision's gone It's time to face reality Congratulations You made a fool out of me Congratulations You made a fool out of me

Silver Eagle (Rick Carnes, Janis Carnes, Chip Hardy)

Luck can always change a state of your direction Leave you looking for another place to run There's no carrying the weight of your convictions You just live with what you've done Chorus: Silver Eagle 100,000 miles beneath your wings Flying down that broken line No one's gonna know the way I feel One more lost and lonely stranger by the highway Tell me that I'll never see his face again You're the only one who's ever going my way Don't you know the state I'm in Repeat Chorus x2

Thank you so much, Danielle, for all your time and work on these lyrics!