You Know You're a Rebamaniac When....
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You Know You're a Rebamaniac When....

Move over Jeff Foxworthly! Here come the Rebamaniacs! 

If you can relate these Rebaisms than you might just be a.....


You Know You're a Rebamaniac When......


10 You have clippings from every magazine Reba has ever been featured 

9 You just cut your hair so that it would match Reba's new style.

8 Your name is Michelle, but you force your friends to call you Reba.

7 You're only 19 years old yet you've slept out for tickets more than 7

6 You know every word to every song on her last 10 CDs!

5 You have read "Reba: My Story" so many times the cover has fallen off. 

4 You can't make two statements without Reba's name crossing your mind.

3 You've shaved her name into your hair.

2 You've tattooed her name in a place that would be in poor taste to 
show in public.

1 You insist that ordering more than one paycheck's worth of merchandise from her fan club isn't excessive.


1. After Thanksgiving, everyone you know (including the bank teller at
the drive-thru) asks you if you saw Reba's special on TV.

2.Your boss says to you, "I heard Reba's new song on the radio this
morning.  I don't know the name of it, but I knew you would know."

3. Your husband (now ex-husband) says, "Will this Reba madness never

4. Your 10-year-old son knows her newest cassette by heart after a
12-hour road trip.

5. Your 2-year-old nephew recognizes the music to her songs before she
even starts singing and shouts "Beba!".

6. Your 2-year-old nephew takes your hand, leads you to your tape
player, and asks for "Beba".

7. Your friends ask you when her new album will be out, knowing that you will know the answer.

8. You carry her tapes in your purse, and the first thing you do when
you get in the car is pop one into the tape player.

9. When she comes out with a new album, you buy two because you usually wear out the first one.

10.  You think there should be a new radio station:  WRBA - all Reba,
all the time.


1. When every other t-shirt in your closet has  Reba on it .

2. Your mousepad has Reba on it.

3. you set BOTH VCR's to record whenever Reba is on....just in case one
goofs up...and 2nd...cause you KNOW you will wear out at least one tape.

4. Everytime a Reba song comes on the radio...on your  School bus......the kids know they had better be QUIET>...or else

5. When Reba is on NEVER answer your phone...


1)  Your license plate only says 12CREBA ("Want to See Reba") because O2CREBA was already taken!

2)  You are willing to camp out overnight for Reba concert tickets even though the last time you did so, there were gun shots around the corner!!

3)  You are willing to fly across the country to see Reba and/or to meet other Rebamaniacs even though you are TERRIFIED of flying!

4)  You have, in the back of one of your Reba scrapbooks, an envelope full of grass from her front lawn.

5) You have, in your beautiful dining room china cabinet, the one that lights up and displays all your grandmother's best china, a plastic cup bearing the lipstick marks of Ms. Reba!

6)  You cry every night in your prayers when you get to the part about 'Please let me meet her some day!"

7) You pray every night for the safety of Reba and her entourage and family.

8)  You keep track, in your Reba calendar, of her whereabouts on every day that you know it, i.e.:  Aug. 8, 1998:  Baltimore, MD  (and you remember certain dates by heart because YOU WERE THERE!!)

9)  A life-size standup of Reba greets guests when they go down your family room stairs.

10)  You are willing to stay up all night packing the car for your daughter's distant wedding because you were stupid enough to waste time typing up a You- Know-You're-a-Reba-Freak list to your good Reba buddies!



You know you're a Reba Freak when:

1) your license plate says REBANUT!

2) Reba has her OWN room at your house!

3) your 6 year old thinks Reba really IS part of the family!

4) your husband says,"Reba goes, or I go!" and you say,"Need help

5) you have more pictures of Reba than you do of your kid!

6) you remove your wedding photo from your dresser, and replace it with
an autographed photo of Reba!

7) you have your mother make you an outfit identical to Reba's to wear
to a concert!

8) you color you hair REBA RED (copper penny) for every show you've ever been to!

9) you pay $800 for a Reba doll!

10) you're building a house identical to Reba's! ( only a smaller


1.  You name your cat Reba, even if its a male...(could be why he ran 

2.  You schedule your vacation around a Reba concert and then fly all 
the way across country even though you are scared to fly.
Then you find another concert in the same area two months later and
fly all the way across country to see a fellow Rebamaniac and see 
another Reba show....and when asked WHY??? You respond...."But its 

3.  You color your hair Cooper Penny cause its Reba's color.

4.  You read The Horse Whisper cause it was Reba's favorite boook.

5.   When the local radio DJ's are asking you about Reba tidbits 
because they think you are a walking encloypedia on Reba.

6.  When you drive 300 miles out of the way just to visit Reba's home 

7.  When the sound of Reba's voice greets all your telephone callers 
for so long that people are begging you to change your answering 
machine message.

8. When you show your Reba credit card and the cashier goes, "Oh your 
the Reba Lady"

9.  When most of your conversations begin with...."Reba did this or 
Reba said this...."
10. When you let your hair grow out really long and get a really 
curly perm in hopes that it will be a pretty as Reba's.


1.  when you travel to oklahoma city to see reba in the rodeo knowing
full well that you probably will have an asthma atack being around
horses and hay and dirt which i did.  (at least i got to meet fellow

2.  when you color your hair the same as reba's  (looks like others have
done that too!!)

3. when you take the night off from your part time job to watch FOREVER
LOVE cause you are afraid the VCR WONT tape.  ( i told my boss i had an
important function to attend--hey i had to sit in front of the tv--thats
a function)

4.  when you ask your boss if you could have the first couple of hours
off of work so you can attend all of rebas concert or schedule a
vacation day so you can attend her concert.  (have done both on my full
time job--my boss on my full time job knows how much i love reba)

5.  i am like carrie lou--refuse to answer the phone when reba is on tv.

6.When you spend all your free time.........sending out
polls...........running the "Rebamanics" List.........and a web page for
that list.........


1. Your friends ask you what time Forever Love was on because they know you
have known for months. 

2. Your friends feel the need to come tell you how much they enjoy the
song/movie/cma performance.

3. People walk up to you telling you how much the song means to them or how it has changed their lives.

4. They come to you asking for lyrics and names and which albums songs are on because they know you'd know. :)

5. Your online friends get mad because you know all the answers to Reba trivia..


6.) When you convince your dad (who hates driving because he has to do it all day for his job!) to drive you 5 hours away (in the middle of a snowstorm that actually made the national news *smile*) just to see Reba in concert and spend the money he got for his annual bonus on the hotel stay because she didn't come to your town that year.

5.) (I'm going to to steal one because this is so true of me) Your friends
call you Reba.

4.) When all your letters to your friends (who don't even like country music) start with the latest updates on Reba.  

3.) When people call you on the phone or run to your dorm room just to tell you that Reba's on TV because they know you won't want to miss it.  Or they buy you magazines when Reba is on the cover because they're not sure if you already have them (and you always do anyway *smile*).

2.) (This is sort of a take-off on Di's, but again it's so true of me *smile*)
When you specifically request time off from work weeks in advance because you know Reba's new album is going on sale that day and you want to be there when the doors open so you get the Collector's CD.

1.) When your baby cousin gets a doll for Christmas and names it Reba because you've been singing her Reba lullabies since she was born.


1.  You know instinctively to change your hairstyle to match Reba's 
style BEFORE anyone else does.

2.  When people refer to your house, they call it the "Reba Shrine".

3.  You have wall-papered your house with pictures, articles, etc., of 
Reba, Reba, Reba.

4.  You have enough videotapes of Reba to fill a video store.

5.  You have so many albums by Reba that you could fill the whole store 
of Best Buy.

6.  You have insurance for each and every piece of Reba merchandise.

7.  You go into a store and it takes ten people to keep you away from 
the music section.

8.  You jump on the sales people when they don't have the newest Reba 
album or enough copies of that album.

9.  You have put up a sign out in the front of your house in the hopes 
that Reba will see it one day and that she will then stop in for a 
little visit.

10.  People see you walk down the street and they say, "that's the one 
that loves Reba."

11.  You get into fights with other fans over the last copy of one of 
Reba's albums.

12.  You write to your local newspaper and complain that they don't run 
enough stories on Reba.


1. You travel to the Allentown Fair To see Reba in concert with NO
tickets! To find out she's SOLD OUT! And have fair workers, Some of
Reba's crew and security Guards helping you to find tickets! And by a
miracle you find tickets and See Reba! ( It happened to me!)

2. You Dress up as Reba for Holloween! Including dying your hair to
match hers!

3.Your famly calls you whenever Reba is on tV to make sure your watching her! Cause They know You love Reba so!

4.When your family or friends come over to borrow A movie And ask don't
you have anything besides REBA Taped? (and you don't)

5.When your family or friends ask if there's any Reba tapes you don't
have. So they can buy it for you on your Birthday or Christmas.

6. When you Buy WEBTV just For REBANET!

7. when you have 2 Favorite Folders on webtv to hold all Reba McEntire

8.When you Make a website about REBA.

9.When you write a poem about Reba called "REBA" and it gets published!
(So the whole world knows you LOVE REBA! ( I DID)

10.When you cut your hair. To find out 2 weeks later Reba has cut hers
the same way! (Like you knew already before you seen her that she was
cutting her hair!) (I DID) 

These all have happened to me!


You know your a Reba freak when you ask your husband if your next child is a boy, can we name him Shelby (how ironic, i just asked him this this morning)


1.  Your co-workers watch a movie, special with Reba on it and the next day tell you that they thought of you.

2.  When you are at a public place and a Reba song comes on over the intercom,
you start singing, and don't care that people are looking at you.

3.  When a new CD comes out you are waiting outside in your car an hour before the store opens so you can get the first copy.

4.  Your friends tell you that Reba is going to be on TV soon, and you tell
them that you already know that.

5.  You camp outside for Reba tickets in the cold, get in line at 5:00am, only to end up getting 22nd place in line...but then finding out that a friend of yours has first place in line 10 minutes away so you go 70mph in a 30mph zone to get there.  (we ended up getting 11th row)

6.  When you go to her fan club party you arrive 2 hours early even though you have a reserved seat, and stand outside in the rain waiting to be let in.

7.  When your online friends ask you for Reba web pages knowing that you have them all in your favorite places.

8.  When you have more Reba pictures than family & friends pictures.

9.  When at a concert you know which song she is going to sing when the first note is played.

10.  When you can play all of her songs on the piano.


1. Everyone calls you to tell you there's a special of Reba on TV that
your recording, and not at home, you answer your phone messages and there's about 20 of them all to tell me Reba's on TV. 

2.  Your car is called the Rebamobile because your license plates say
REBA, I like that one.

3.  People think I'm nuts because when I get my truck in  few a months,
my plates will say "MCNTIRE.

4.  I go out of my way to find rare clippings, photos and everything to
do with Reba, when my friends see something, they buy it knowing that
I'll buy it back from them.

5.  Your room is so full of Reba that there is no wall space left, so
you start using your sons room, now that he's away in college, this he
hasn't seen yet, but he LOVES Reba also, I did leave him one big wall
for his certificates though.

6.  Your neighbors start calling you a Reba nut, which I don't mind, of
all my hobbies Reba is on the top of the list.

7.  You buy every magazine with Reba's picture on it, or one that has
just a small article in it, this drives my friends nuts, when I'm in the
grocery line I'll stand there and look through very mag. just to see if
there's something there.

8.  You take a picture of Reba with you to the beauty salon, and tell
the lady that you want your hair done just like hers, color and all,
boy, that was a shock but after getting used to it, I LOVE it!.

9.  You try and talk you son into naming his daughter Reba, or son
Shelby,( that's when the time comes).

10. You can't listen to anything but Reba, I've already had to replace
quite a few CD's because they have worn out.


1.) Despite having a sprained ankle for a Reba concert last year and 
tendonitis in your right foot this year, you go anyway and hobble up the 
steps of the Pyramid in Memphis, TN. (Yeah that's what I'm doing tonight!)

2.) You're in the car listening to the radio and Reba comes on and you make 
everyone shut up.

3.) You're on the phone talking to someone and Reba comes on TV and you go "SHHH!!! Reba Is On!"

4.) You have dreams about meeting Reba.

5.) You go to sleep thinking about Reba and you wake up thinking about 

6.) You have left a letter in her mailbox at her house even though it's a 
federal offense. lol (Yes I did that too!)

7.) You have Reba's house on camcorder footage and you also have pictures of Starstruck Entertainment at the beginning, half-way through 
construction, and final stage.

8.) You can wear a different Reba t-shirt every day for 3 wks.

9.) You spend close to $100 on photo developing after seeing her in 
concert. I took 9 rolls of film to CountryFest 98. Most of them were Reba.

10.) You see Reba more than once every year.


Well, so many that have already been said fit me perfectly...but here goes!

1) When you drive for 4 hours to stand in line outside in the freezing cold
weather for 7 more just to get tickets for her concert

2) When you plan a vacation around a trip to Texoma Medical Center just to see the Reba Ranch House

3) You ditch school on the day her new album is released -- to buy the cd, and then to listen to it over and over for the rest of the afternoon!!!

4) You have the man who owns the used cd store trained to keep all the old Reba cds behind the counter until you call and ask (every day) what has come in.  (this was me until i got all of them -- mission accomplished! lol)

5) Every time you go into a music store you check the Reba section even
though you have all of her albums - just in case she tried to sneak one past you! :-)


1. You get a message on your answering maching.........from
Wal-Mart......telling you......"YES>>>>>>>>>>>>The album is IN>........come get it........and please stop calling.

2. Your local radio station e-mails you........"We have in the new MANY times you gonna call us each we
can plan our schedule?"

3. You start your prayers with: "Now I lay me down to sleep......I pray to
Reba my soul to keep.

4. You shave Reba's name...........on both sides of your cat.

5. You Dye your match Reba's hair.

6. You can't remember what color your bedroom walls are.

7. Your son is mad a you.........cause you "Borrowed" all his spell out a GIANT "REBA" on your wall.

8. You get really the phone company.........cause they wiil NOT
list  you in the phone book as "Reba's Number One Fan"



When driving friends that don't listen to country or Reba--You play every 
Reba song you think they might like--and others just because all 58 are 
your favorites. 

Your all time favorite song is by Reba and the other  9 are also by Reba 
and all real close to being ties. is the default web address on your browser.
You check daily to see if your town has been added to the tour.

The DJ at the local radio station( who recognizes your voice and knows 
your name)  tells you he'll play the newest Reba song everyday at the 
same time if you'll stop calling
You immediately change the radio station to another country station after 
hearing Reba--because you know it will be a while before they play her 

You turn the radio up on the bus you are driving when Reba comes on and when you get dirty looks from the passengers you turm it up a little more and sing along!

You skip a class to catch up on your Rebamaniacs digest and are almost 
late to your next one because you are typing your Rebafreak list!

Because Halloween is coming up soon and you are planning on "becoming" Reba.

When you get the nerve up to go up and sing "Fancy" at a Karaoke joint infront of 80 people.


1. You have one email folder dedicated to Reba and it is brimming with
about 1000 saved messages.

2. You own 3 copies of every Magazine cover that Reba has ever been on and sirand wrap one of them to save.

3. Your screen savor is Reba, your internet browser is Reba and Reba
tells you when "you've got mail"!

4. You've got every sound on your computer set with Reba songs or her

5. You have a collection of video tapes with nothing but Reba sitings on

6. You own CDs and Cassettes and records of every Reba album. And now you've even started a DVD collection.

7. You go balistic when for any reason you can't get to Reba's webpage!

8. You have set up a huge website dedicated to the queen!

9. You are willing to meet a fellow Rebamaniac that you only know
through chatting with them on the internet.

10. Your best friend is just as crazy about Reba as you are!


1.      When ... you hope your first child is a girl so you can name her

2.      When ... the arrow of your mouse pointer says “Reba”

3.      When ... you grow your hair to be just like hers (when it was long - I
        haven’t had the heart to cut mine yet)

4.      When ... you wish you had  red hair to be just like hers (copper penny you say?  Hmm....)

5.      When ... ‘REBA’ is mentioned, everyone thinks of you (I wonder if Tracy heard that?....)

6.      When ... you plan vacations around her tour schedule 

7.      When ... Reba is your inspiration to take up photography and you buy an expensive camera just so you can do so

8.      When ... your computer wallpaper is Reba (and it changes daily)

9.      When ... all the kids you know now recognize Reba when they hear her (oh, you’re so proud of them !!)

10.     When ....  you need to find a Reba tape really quickly, all you have to do is pull one out of the car stereo

11.     When ... you have to create special directories to hold all your Reba graphics on the computer

12.     When ... feeling around in the dark for a Reba tape, you know by the worn-feel that you have found it !

13.     When....your address book has all of Reba’s #’s in it (fan club,
Starstruck, etc. + mailing addresses and fax #’s) (Hey, you never know when you may need them !!)

14.     When... the first note of a Reba song is played and you blurt out the name of the song, album, the number it is on the album (eg. Last song,second side) and the year it was released.

15. When belong to a group called the ‘Rebamaniacs’ !!


Mary Durlins

You know a Rebamaniac when:

You buy 3 copies of every Magazine Reba's in and you sirand wrap one of them for posterity.

You try to hit as many Reba concerts as you can in one year, even those in other states.

You own cassettes, CDS,

You by 3 copies of every Reba album. One for you computer, one for your CD Player, and one for the car.

You have one room called the Reba gallary, with pics, posters, and the like.

You brainwash your nephew into being a Rebamaniac too. He wears little Reba shirts and says" Reba Rules" whenever you ask him "Who rules?"

You have an infinite number of internet Reba chat buddies and you've nearly lost track 
of them all.

You sit arguing with your computer when you can't get into the chat room or you can't get it to do anything having to do with Reba.

You have started your own Reba videotape sharing club and make copies of all the programs Reba has every been on for any Reba buddy who asks. 

You own enough Reba stuff on video to start your own video store.

You would give the shirt off your own back to help out a fellow Rebamaniac!

You are brave enough to go on the road with a nut like Dave to see a Reba concert in Memphis.


1. When you go on your family vacation and you run into Reba's family on Vacation.

2. You just walk right in to Starstruck and see Reba going to a meeting.

3. Your cousin plays hockey in the same league as Shelby and you try to get them to change there mind about moving to Seattle.

4. When your family believe you will have Reba coming over for Dinner one night at the house.

5. When your co-workers go to you for any Reba related info.

6. All my vacations this year was going to see Reba out of town.

7. When you ask Mike Reba's tour manager if you are a pain in the but yet and he just laughs.

8.  Keep cutting my hair every time Reba's cuts hers.


1.  When you dye your hair red to match Reba's (I see most of us Rebamaniacs do!!)
2.  When you insist on going to Reba concerts even after you've lost your last two boyfriends at lost I mean we broke up, split, C-YA later alligator, and don't call me cause I won't be home
type of lost!!  But you still feel that eventually when you go to a Reba concert "single" you will pick up
the man of your dreams!!
3.  All of your old teachers from the high school that you graduated from 3yrs ago STILL call you
Reba....I'm sure they forgot my real name by now and this is the only one they remember, but it's ok, I
love it!!
4.  You spend a rainy Sunday afternoon watching videos, movies, TV episodes and interviews out of your
Reba collection.
5.  You feel that there should be an organized religion for Rebamaniacs.
6.  ALL of you family and friends call you house when Reba is on TV to tell you she is on, but you
already know so you have to get angry with them and tell them to "Stop Calling Reba is On!!"
7.  When Reba comes on the radio, you make everyone near you shut up...even if it's your own boss!!
8.  You have a Reba t-shirt for every day of the week.
9.  Just the mention of Reba makes your eyes open, your ears perk up (not like a dog, but you know what
I mean), and brings a huge smile (the photographic kind) to your face.
10.  And last but not know your a Rebamaniac when you wouldn't trade your entire Reba collection for any amount of money in the world!!! Because only you and those exactly like you know how
priceless it really is!!!

There they are! I basically kept everybody's list intact and your name is above the list you sent in. I thought that this would personalize them. If you want to add your list send it to me at

A Song For all my Reba Buddies!

Click here! This song is for all us Rebamaniacs! We are a crazy bunch!: