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Mary, is my soul sister and best friend in the whole world.

Mary and I! Soul Sisters!

I give all the credit of finding her to God and to Reba McEntire!

She is the friend I've dreamed of having all my life! She is truly an answer to a prayer! Mary, makes me laugh and smile! She is the one person who can bring a smile to my face when no one else can.

Mary and I being our wacky selves!

We always know what the other is thinking. We read each other like a book. It's kind of like having a twin sister. We can call each other and not have to say alot, just listen to each other. Shoot we've been on the phone and not said a word to each other, but just knowing the other was there was all that mattered! Mary you are truly God's gift to me! I love you! Mary, You are the wind beneath my wings! Wind Beneath My Wings It must have been cold there in my shadow To never have sunlight on your face You were content to let me shine, that's your way You always walked a step behind So I was the one with all the glory While you were the one with all the strength. A beautiful face without a name, for so long A beautiful smile to hide the pain Did you ever know that you're my hero And everything I would like to be If I can fly higher than an eagle You are the wind beneath my wings It might have appeared to go unnoticed but I've got it all here in my heart I want you to know I know the truth Of course I know it I would be nothing with out you Fly, fly, fly away You let me fly so high Oh, fly, fly So high against the sky So high I almost touch the sky Thank you, thank you, thank God for you The wind beneath my wings You will always be very special to me! Reba is truly amazing at bringing special people together! I thank God and Reba McEntire for Mary! The most precious gift I've ever received!

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