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The Man From Left Field is yet another one of Reba's hit movies. Reba plays a single mother named Nancy who is raising a 13 year-old son. She co-starrs with Burt Reynolds. Her son and his friend are in need of a Baseball coach. If they don't have one they can't play in the league. The boys try to hire the town drunkard but he doesn't pan out. We wonder why? *g* The boys end up finding a strange man in their dugout. Who is he? Where'd he come from? They don't care. All they know is that they need a coach. So they clean him up and somehow pass him off as there coach. At first "Jack" as the boys call him, says very little. But as the movie goes on he warms to the boys and ends up really helping them with their baseball fundementals. We find out later on that he is an ex-pro-baseball player.Nancy's son plays match maker and Jack and Nancy go out. They seem to magically hit it off. Reba's character is just as into baseball as Jack is. They are also both concerned about the boys. We also find out that Jack has amnesia and after one of the boys has a near fatal accident Jack's memory comes flooding back. Nancy is there to console him, afterall she has fallen in love with him. But she has a practical side and she tells Jack he must go back into his other life and let the ones he loves know he's ok. I won't spoil the ending on this one either. But I do reccommend it highly. Once again Reba is smashing.