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Lookin for the lyrics to Reba's newest songs? Well you've come to the right place!
Here they are! Enjoy!

If You See Him(Tommy Lee James, Jennifer Kimball, Terry McBride)

If you see him, tell him I wish him well. How am I doing? Well sometimes it's hard to tell. I still miss him more than ever. But please don't say a word. If you see Him. If you see him. If you see her, tell her I'm doing fine. And if you want to, say that I think of her from time to time. Ask her if she ever wonders where we both went wrong. If you see her. If you see her. I still want her. And I still need him so. I don't know why we let each other go. If you see her, tell her the light's still on for her. Nothing's changed deep down the fire still burns for him. And even if it takes forever, say I'll still be here. If you see him. If you see her. If you see him. If you see her.

ONE HONEST HEART (David Malloy, Frank J. Myers, Gary Baker)

Times are tough on an honest heart. People don't follow through with what they start. Lyin' eyes looking at me up and down. Makin' talk that's only cheap. Makin' promises they never keep. But I keep lookin' for what I still haven't found. One honest heart. That I can believe in. Two lovin' arms that will never let me go. One good man that I can count on. It shouldn't be so hard. Findin' one honest heart. Now I've been close a time or two. I thought I saw my dream comin' true. But I was just livin' in a fairy tale. I won't play the fool again. I won't play a game that I can't win. But I still have faith and keep tellin' myself. There's... Chorus

I WOULDN'T KNOW (Marc Beeson, Robert Byrne, Mike McGuire)

Everyone I see these days still asks me about you. I guess they got so used to us together they assume that everything's ok and then I have to say... CHORUS I wouldn't know. I haven't seen him. I couldn't say it's been awhile. I haven't thought about him lately. So I wouldn't know. I'm getting tired of people askin'. Why can't they just leave me alone. I couldn't care, I couldn't say, I wouldn't know. I don't get out anymore to our old stompin' grounds. 'Cause some old friend is bound to ask me Why you're not around. Well I just stay away so I don't have to say... Repeat Chorus

I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO MISS (David Malloy, Rick Bowles)

Well there's a half moon starlit sky. All the conditions are just right. Our song's playing on the radio. Every beat of my heart is saying just let go. 'Cause when you're holding me this way. It's all I can do to just think straight. A little voice in my head is saying not so fast. If you really want this love to last. CHORUS I'm gonna catch my breath. I'm gonna count to ten. I'm gonna leave you wonderin' when you'll see me again. I'm gonna say goodnight with one passionate kiss. And leave you with the strongest feeling there is. I'll give you something to miss. I'm not doin' something I'll regret. I'm playing it just hard enough to get. I'm gonna give you a little space. And let you enjoy the thrill of the chase. Repeat CHORUS twice

INVISIBLE (Lisa Drew, Christi Dannemiller)

They met at a party. He was laughing with his friends. She captured all of his attention. Just by walkin' in. Confident and self-assured he liked her attitude. And the moment their eyes met. Every girl in the room became... CHORUS Invisible just out of view. Invisible. Like a pane of glass he could see right through. Invisible. They married in October. She made a beautiful bride. His world revolved around her. They had a picture perfect life. But when the baby came in August. Time started spinning like a wheel. She expected to feel tired. But she never thought she'd feel... CHORUS 'Cause lately he's been overlooking quite a lot. So tonight in lace and candlelight. She'll prove to him she's not... CHORUS A love deep inside. Invisible. So much more to her than meets the eye. Invisible.

UP AND FLYING (Gary Burr, Patty Griffin)

Lately I'm alone a lot. Mostly I guess you're not. Forgive me if I stop and stare. I was just alittle unprepared. So the world has fallen at your feet. Yeah you hardly even missed a beat. Everyday your heart beats a little stronger. But my nights for me get a little longer. CHORUS You've gone on a million miles from here. Swept up like a feather in the air. Well you make it look so easy. That doesn't seem quite fair. 'Cause baby I'm still tryin' to get myself up and flying. I should be farther on by now. I just can't seem to catch a breeze somehow. I should be free to leave the ground. With no dreams left to weigh me down. Well could you tell me what to do. I've been tryin' to eny the truth. But here it is now the living proof. The one I love loves someone new. Repeat CHORUS Oh you make it look so easy. It doesn't seem quite fair. 'Cause baby I'm still tryin' to get myself. Up and Flying

FOREVER LOVE (Liz Hengber, Deanna Bryant, Sunny Russ)

The first time I laid my eyes on you I knew. We'd spend this life side by side. I still feel the same though you're so far away. I swear that you'll always be my... CHORUS Forever Love. I promise you. Someday we'll be together. Forever love. I won't give up. No matter what. I'll be waiting for you. Forever love. Minutes and hours and years may go by. But my heart knows nothing of time. So don't cry, just keep me right there. In your dreams. And hold on to these words of mine. Repeat CHORUS Love is the road to our destiny. Nothing can change what is meant to be. Repeat CHORUS

FACE TO FACE (David Malloy, Gary Burr)

Oh you don't have blue eyes. I expected blue eyes. That's how I pictured you would be. And you don't have long hair. I thought you'd have long hair. So this is all a shock to me. I didn't know if you would meet me. Or believe me. When I said that I was fooled. I really thought that I would hate you. I know I meant to. There'd only be one of us left when we're through. CHORUS Now that we're face to face. And I put myself in your place. I see the truth. I see who's really to blame. And I won't play his game. Or try to get even. He'll know he's lost watching us leaving. I blamed you, but I see my mistakes. Now that we're face to face. I believe in true love something to be sure of. Isn't that what we deserve. There's no blame here, we both end up the same here. A little wiser than we were. There was a time this would have killed me. And it may still be. Hard to look you in the eye. And now that all the spells are broken. The truth's been spoken. My heart has the strength to tell him goodbye. Repeat CHORUS

HEART HUSH (Brett Jones)

His head turned and my heart jumped. When I saw that it was him. After two long years the love of my life. And I just held my breath in. Standin' there smiling. While his eyes locked on mine. He couldn't hear me screamin on the inside. CHORUS When I said, tear don't you fall. He's done let him go. Eye's don't look back. Down that empty road. And lips you may move. But don't you say too much. Oh and please, please heart hush. I said somethin' stupid. And reached out my hand. After makin' love and movin' earth. We were shakin' hands. A million sweet memoriers. Pinballed through my brain. The want to hold him one more time. Ran through my veins. Repeat CHORUS I kept lookin' at my watch like I had somewhere to be. Then he stopped talkin' and kissed me tenderly. Repeat CHORUS

LONELY ALONE (Reese Wilson)

I could stop right here turn this car around. Walk back through the door put my suitcase down. Tell you I'm sorry and things would be alright I know. But it all comes down to the lesser of the two. Alone by myself or alone with you. And if I have to be lonely I'd rather be lonely alone. CHORUS I'd rather miss someone out on this highway. Than someone who's sittin' just three feet away. And I'd rather be fightin' some old memories, than to wonder if you ever really love me. I could keep going on like I have all along. Telling myself that there's nothin' wrong. But if I have to be lonely I'd rather be lonely alone. Repeat CHORUS I don't know what I'll do, I don't know where I'll go. There's a lot I'm not sure of but one thing I know. If I have to be lonely, I'd rather be lonely alone. If I have to be lonely, I'd rather be lonely alone.

WRONG NIGHT (Josh Leo, Rick Bowles)

I set my mind to it. Said I wasn't gonna do it. No how. No sir. No way. I wouldn't give my heart up. Gonna keep my guard up. And save it for another day. Then you walked in with that crazy grin. And everything I swore before got lost in your eyes. And flew right out the door. CHORUS Suddenly I heard love songs. Playing real soft on the jukebox. Somebody ordered up moonlight. And painted stars all across the sky. Is it gravity or destiny. Either way there's nothing I can do. Looks like I picked the wrong night. Not to fall in love with you. I briefly resisted but my heart insisted. It was gonna be giving in. Hard as I was trying there was no denying. Which one of us would win. You came up beside me and asked if I'd be wantin' to have dance. And right then I knew.This thing was out of my hands. Repeat CHORUS twice

ALL THIS TIME (Tommy Lee James, Greg Guidry)

I remember the first time I held you all night long. Well we're still here now. But where have all the years gone? Holding yu this way tonight. It's easy to see why. CHORUS All this time. We held on to each other. We knew we had to be strong. All this time. Through the tears and the laughter. It's still forever after all this time. In the fast movin' world. Love is made and just thrown away. But we've always kept the promises that we made. Who would of thought you and me? Would still be here where we said we would be. Repeat CHORUS Twice Courtesy of MCA and Starstruck copyright 1998