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(I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then (Jerry Fuller)

I see you now, I think of then And dwell upon the happiness of way back when Cause since you said goodbye The feelings just won't die And I still long to hold you now and then A million years have come and gone And I was sure by now I'd make it on my own But seeing you today Took my breath away And I still long to hold you now and then Suddenly I felt myself wondering If you might wanna try it again And though I wanted so much to hold you You smiled and shook my hand So I'll exist on dreams again On days when we were lovers and not just friends And even if I find another love in time I still long to hold you now and then Oh, I still long to hold you now and then

Daddy (Reba McEntire)

My daddy is a rancher He's wrangled cattle dang near all his life He also liked to rodeo He traveled around with four kids and a wife Well his old ranch is rocky But his ropes sail smooth for several years He worked real hard And roped real good And tried to get his ranch out in the clear He didn't want us kids to rodeo He wanted more out of life for us Maybe banking, or a lawyer Or maybe even driving some old bus Well that's when we took up singing And his pride grew greater day by day And I know his eyes grew misty The night I sang up on the Opry stage Chorus: Now his ranch is so much bigger The the days when he first started The grass grows now where none used to be His roping got him started Cattle prices made it better And he's trying to get his ranch out in the clear Five years ago September, he bought more steers and hung up all his ropes But he often tells the stories about the rodeos he won and cowboy jokes Well it's funny that the first big roping that he won some thirty years ago Was the same day that I sang on the stage of the Grand Old Opry show Repeat Chorus Now he's feeding cattle Toting hay And branding the Y.O. And his hired hand's there to help him And she also cooks their meals when they get home They built their ranch together And listening to the kids sing through the years Well they worked real hard and roped real good and now they got their ranch out in the clear Because when a family works together They finally get their ranch out in the clear Out in the clear

Last Night, Ev'ry Night (Bob Morrison, Jim Zerface, Bill Zerface)

I watch you as you wake and rub your eyes and try to hide them from the morning sun I whisper how ya doing and you smile and say so tenderly good morning hun Chorus: Last night you made his memory fade a little You helped me see how love can still be right I wish you didn't have to leave If you just knew how much I need Last night, ev'ry night I know you have to catch a plane to Memphis And you mentioned it's an early flight You start to pack And while I comb my hair I stare at you and think about last night Cause (Repeat Chorus) I slip into my robe to go make coffee You come in and pull me close to you And as I feel your tender kiss I whisper can't Memphis wait a day or two Cause (Repeat Chorus) Cause (Repeat Chorus)

Make Me Feel Like A Woman Wants To Feel (Dana Collins)

Open up your arms to me Come and hold me tenderly Let me know your love for me is real And love me like there's no tomorrow Share my joys and share my sorrow Make me feel like a woman wants to feel Chorus: I know you love me cause you told me so But that ain't enough cause I want to be shown Make me feel like a woman wants to feel And let me know you miss me when I'm not around Go ahead and kiss me when I'm feeling down Make me feel like a woman wants to feel Repeat Chorus Love me like I want to be loved Let me know I'm the one you dream of Make me feel like a woman wants to feel Make me feel like a woman wants to feel

That Makes Two Of Us (With Jacky Ward) (Jerry Fuller)

So you like Sunday picnics And yelling at the umpire at a baseball game Window shopping, popcorn popping Wading through the puddle in a summer rain And I'll bet you're kind to children and Someday you'd like to be a mother too And do you got a feeling when you're with me the way I do Chorus: Well that makes two of us We're like birds of a feather True love brings together A precious few of us That makes two of us So you believe in wishes While blowing out the candles on a birthday cake Gentle hugs and lightning bugs Staying up all night to watch the morning break We've got so much in common Given half a chance I'm sure you'll agree One way to sum up forever is you and me Repeat Chorus

Sweet Dreams (Don Gibson)

Sweet Dreams of you Every night I go through Why can't I forget you And start my life new Instead of having sweet dreams about you You don't love me It's plain I should have known I'd never wear your ring I should hate you The whole night through Instead of having sweet dreams about you Why can't I forget the past And start loving someone new Instead of having sweet dreams about you Instead of having sweet dreams about you

I'm A Woman (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller)

Well I can wash out forty four pairs of socks And have 'em on the line You know I can starch and iron two dozen shirts 'Fore you can count from one to nine I can slip up a great big dip up of lard from a drippings can Throw it in the skillet, do my shopping, and be back before it melts in the pan Chorus: Cause I'm a woman W-O-M-A-N Let me tell ya again I'm a woman W-O-M-A-N Well I can rub and scrub till this house shines just like a dime Feed the baby Grease the car Powder my nose at the same time You know I can get all dressed up Go out swinging with the M-A-N Jump in bed at five Sleep till 6 And start all over again Repeat Chorus Well now if you come to me sick you know that I'm gonna make you well And if you come to me all hexed up you know I'm gonna break the spell And if you come to me hungry, you know I'll feed ya full of my grits And if it's loving you want, I can kiss you and give you the shivering fits Repeat Chorus (I'll say it again) Well, I got a twenty dollar gold fee that says there's nothing that I can't do Well I can make a dress out of feeding sacks and I can make a man out of you Repeat Chorus I'm a woman I'm a woman I'm a woman Yeah I'm a woman

Rain Fallin (Charlie Black)

Rain Fallin,Fallin Rain It's a long and troubled night A night when I wish I could sleep But there's no sleep inside Heart Breaking, Breaking heart It's such a lonely sound That cries for the need of someone But there's no one around Chorus: Nobody here to hold No one to warm the cold That lies deep within my soul All around, just the sound of the Rain Falling, Fallin Rain Like gentle tears of pain That comes with my only friend It's the gently falling rain Repeat Chorus

Runaway Heart (Paul Harrison)

Chorus: I'm rolling I'm tumbling, I'm falling apart Cause I'll never, no I'll never find love In his runaway heart He's a fast rushing river I can't get across Like an ocean of sadness, o'er which I am tossed He never slows down, he's always ready to fly And when I get next to you it's just hello Hello and goodbye Repeat Chorus No rope can hold down He's not fit to be tied Like the wildest of horses Nobody can ride Freedom's his distance And the means to his end So I'm giving up trying Cause I'm just chasing, chasing the wind Repeat Chorus In his runaway heart

It's Gotta be Love (Terry Skinner, J.L. Wallace)

Chorus: It's gotta be love That keeps us together It's gotta be a feeling from the heart It's gotta be love It must last forever Or I won't let the fire start It's gotta be love I don't have time for a part time love affair I can't pretend it's love when it's not really there So don't you lead me on if you don't really care It's gotta be real And I got a feeling Repeat Chorus I can't just let you take my love and walk away And you must know that love is not a game I play So when you say you love me You better mean just what you say It's gotta be real And I got a feeling Repeat Chorus twice

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