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Welcome to the Quotable Country page! Have you ever been curious about what your favorite country singers are thinking and feeling? Well this page is the place to come! I have compiled bunches of quotes from all sorts of country singers. You might just find out that these people are not only really neat people but that they are also just a little like yourself! Enjoy!



Music will always be my first love and biggest kick. 1996 I donít like to be categorized. I donít like to be coralled or fenced in. I think thereís only two categories for songs: good and bad. And whether itís pop, contemporary, traditional, whatever it is, once I sing it, itís gonna be country. 1995 If a man is sexy, that doesnít offend the men in the crowd. They know the women are just having fun. But if a gal is sexy and somthing of a come-on, the women in the audience take offense. They donít want their husbands or their boyfriends seeing that. 1993 Liking country is suddenly hip. The younger generation will be our audence for the next 10 years. They can relate to what I sing about. Itís something that happens to them everyday. 1993 Weíre backing off a lot from the kind of stuff like sighing autographs for 15 hours at Fan Fair. Because Iíve hit 40, and Iím getting too old for that. I donít want to put my fans through that, either, because theyíre loyal and theyíll sit there for 15 hours. 1996 Iíve never been at the top. Thereís always somebody out there thatís better, faster, wittier, and does something that sells more tickets or albums, or is more popular. Iíve always been a bridesmaid. 1993 When youíre a public figure, everything you do is fair game for ď reinterpretation.Ē 1996 I think when people see themselves as the stars that other people do, itís pretty much all over. 1993 When I walked onstage at the 1993 Country Music Association Awards, I heard the audience gasp. I didnít dare look down. I got more press from that red dress than if Iíd won Entertainer of the Year. 1996 For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open, into the light, out of the darkness. 1993 Iím trying to sing songs for women, to say to them what they canít say for themselves. Women today are more indepenendent. Theyíre not slapped around as much. They donít take it as much as they used to. I want to be those womenís friend. Like I was a woman whose husband was cheatiní on me, or who worked nine to five, sick to death of my job, sick to death of the kids, sick to death of my husband, sick to death of what Iím haviní to go through. Thatís the kind of songs I pick. Thereís a lot of women out there who just want to have three minutes of rebellion. 1993 God put me on this earth to sing. Basically, He gave the voice to Mama. But Mama couldnít use it, so she passed it down to us kids. 1988 Iím going to be 90 years old, still out there singing. Theyíre going to have to drag me off with one of those old vaudevile hooks. 1993 Growing up is not being so dead set on making everybody happy. 1994


If you talk bad about country, itís like saying bad things about my Momma. Themís fightiní words. I think the thing that makes country music so popular is the same thing we loved about cowboy movies. The western movies. Itís like the natural heroes of the earth. Thereís something about the horse, something about the land, something abut the honesty, something about the music. 1996 Not everbody has the gift of writing, but they do all have the gift of feeling. And I think thatís whatís so wonderful about music. Music speaks with the voice of the soul. 1993 I have different songs I love as a singer and as a writer. Itís like having a houseful of kids. Youíre partial to all of them. 1993 ďCoat of Many ColorsĒ is a true story, and means more to me than any other song Iíve ever recorded. There were 12 children in our family and we were real poor. As far as money to buy clothes, all we had was what Mama made. I was about eight years old and it was my first year in a big public school. Somebody had sent her a box of scraps to make quilts out of and she took them and made me a little coat out of it. It hurt so bad when the kids laughed, because I was so proud of it. I especially liked the bright colors, and I thought I was the prettiest thing in school. 1996 Iím a very honest, open person. I think one of the reasons Iím a good boss is because you will always know what Iím athinkiní. I wonít pout at you or treat you bad. Iíll just sayĒ Hey, Joe, thereís somethiní thatís really been bugginí the shit outa me.Ē Anybody that works with me will tell you that. 1993 Iím not offended by all the dumb-blonde jokes because I know that Iím not dumb. I also know that Iím not blonde. 1993


When I work my booth at Fan Fair and I see all of the people in line wanting my autograph, I then look around the room and see all the stars that I want to meet. If I wasnít doing what I was doing, Iíd be in line at the other booths.


When I write a song, I have to be alone. Iím another person. I live as this person until I have the song written. If itís a honky-tonk girl, I put myself into becoming a honky-tonk girl. If anybody walked into that room when I was writiní, they may not even recognize me, Ďcause I take on another look. 1988 Different [Opry girls] started calling and saying I ought to return to the West Coast. One asked who I was sleeping with to get on the Opry so fast. It hurt so much I cried day and night. The girls called a party and invited Patsy Cline. They didnít know me and Patsy was friends. Patsy called and told me to get my hair done. She bought me a new outfit and made me go. We went in there, and they didnít say a word. That ended their plan. Patsy put the stamp of approval on me, and I never had any problems again. 1993 You know I donít even like to be up on a stage, really. I like to be where I can look at ya. I donít want to sing down to you. I want you to sing with me. If you really want to try something unusual, try passiní out in front of five thousand people. 1993 I was a housewife and mother for 15 years before I was an entertainer. And it wasnít like being a housewife today. I mean, it was hand laundry and cookiní on an old coal stove. When I slow down Iíll do it again. 1993 The fans would come to the bus after the show, and theyíd ask to talk to me. They felt I had the answer to their problems because my life was just like theirs. I ainít Dear Abby. I had a few problems maybe they could have solved for me. 1993 I ainít no star. A star is something up in the night sky. People say to me, ď Youíre a legend.Ē Iím not a legend. Iím just a woman. Sometimes itís like youíre a big pie settiní on the table, and everybody runs up and gets their piece of you. When itís over, the plateís empty.


A lot of women will probably think Iím crazy, but I enjoy just cleaning up around the house and getting my hands into things. Itís work for some, but I donít look it as work, I look at it as somthing thatís helping me to ease my mind. 1994 Music is a way of communicating with the audience. If you canít sign an autograph or shake a hand, or even just sit down in conversation and hear a story, at least maybe you can share a part of yourself through songs.1996


The bus is probably the most important instrument in country music. We were always a little mystified why 40 million people would watch Louise, Irlene, and me cavorting around onstage.


The sad part about happy endings is thereís nothing to write about. 1993 I didnít like ďStand By Your Man.Ē I had no faith in that song at all. I think I should record another that I donít like, and maybe that would do it. 1988 Show business sure beats the heck out of working in a beauty salon and picking cotton. 1996


Womenís songs need to have the right tone, they canít be man-bashing. Guys like the songs I sing as much as women do, even if they are song from a female perspective. You donít want to alienate the male fan. 1996


Unfortunately New York City, some of the bigger cities, are still convinced that country is a little bit backwards. I work doubly hard to show that we are pretty intelligent and donít just sit on bales of hay. 1996 Music saved my life. Iím just an emotional hurricane. If it wasnít for music, I would have been one screwed-up kid. It gave me focus, it gave me something to do, to put all my energy into. When I hear an artist sing a song, I can tell if they mean it. You can tell when someoneís singing their brains out. 1996 People use your music as the backdrop for everyday life. They live to your music, they work to it, they fall in love to it. But itís more than just attaching to the music. They attach to the person. 1994 People see someone famous and shy and they assume sheís snooty. But the truth is I was dying inside to be loved and wanted. 1996


We want to say to the people, ďYouíve changed us, and I hope you see yourselves in us. Because you made us.Ē The fans have validated me. 1993 If the girls donít sing, the boyís donít eat. 1993


Talk about a hen out of a coop! I really felt like one{When I played Carnegie Hall}. Iím telling you! But you know what? We made emí show their true colors. We brought country out of emí if anybody did! They was sitting up there stomping their feet and yelling just like a bunch of hillbillies. Just like we do! I recorded a song called ďI Fall To Pieces,Ē and I was in a car wreck. Now Iím really worried because I have a brand-new record, and itís called ďCrazy.Ē I donít want to get rich, I just want to live good.



Thereís a new rock group every five minutes, but with country music, you have one hit and those people love you forever. 1980


Country music was like our familyís religion. Were country music fans first, and then we were Baptists. 1996 I want to perform for a good time, sure. But I want a lot more depth to go down than that. You can do that through the lyric content of your songs, through interviews, through the way you come off to the public. But I donít want us to be just the proverbial shit-howdy show out here on the road. 1994 I remember one day not long ago I came home from a long road trip, and my three-year-old son asked my wife, ďMommy is he spending the night here tonight?Ē 1993 Donít tell anybody, but this is fun. This is the job weíve both dreamed about having our whole lives. Sometimes weíll just break down and say to each other, ďYou know what, you canít believe the amount of fun Iím having!Ē We donít even want the public to know. Theyíd hate us, man! And to get paid for it too! Unbelieveable.


On stage, youíre just pumped man. You can feel no pain. You could sprain an ankle out there and not even feel it. A lot nights I come off the stage with my hands all cut up, or Iíve knocked a hole in my head against my guitar or against somebody! Itís a wild adrenaline rush. 1993 A song lasts for so long, thatís a slow gratitude that you sip on. The live show is a shot of tequila! You get your bang for your buck. 1996 Like everyone says, itís great to be nominated for awards. But while some people might not want to admit it, I will! I want to win! 1996 The kids are the ones who make the sacrifices. They pay the price for our stardom. 1993


Iím a great nostalgist. Thatís kind of my department, tendiní to the roots of country music. And Iím doing everything I can to preserve what I know. 1996 It seems like music is about television. Used to be music was about music. Now, all you hear is a soundtrack of a video. The mood of the record used to carry the whole weight of the performance. 1995 I ask all the young ladies in the audience to give a holler, all by themselves. And then when they do, I tell them how much I appreciate it, even if I did have to ask for it. 1995 I started out even. It took me 30 years to get five million in debt. 1994
Some quotes are from ďTwang: The ultimate Book of Country Music QuotationsĒ. by Raymond Obstfeld and Sheila Burgener. Publishished by Henry Holt and Company in 1997.

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