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Jamie Waier-January 19,1977

Jennifer LaBlanc-January 28, 1985

Jodee Foust-March 21,1983

Lynnea Turek-March 21,????

Reba McEntire-March 28,1955
Keri Wilhelm- April 22, 1976

Robert Moore-June 6, ????

Charlene Marinelli-June 9, ????

Cindy Cain-June 10, ????

Jamie Keary-June 22, 1976

Tami Kay Freedman-July 30, 1961

Melody Drewry-August 8,1959

Liz Pucciarelli-August 10,1959

Danielle-August 19,1979

Dustin Soper-September 3, 1980

Mary Durlin-September 6, 1958

Gina Wyatt-October 17, 1967

Amy,the RebaGal-November 29,1968(Yes I'm an old lady. ;) )

Diane Heninger-December 31, 1955


5/23 9:00 PM Championship Rodeo(Mesquite) on TNN
5/29 10:00PM Funny Business with Charlie Chase on TNN 1:00AM Funny Business with Charlie Chase on TNN
5/31 5:00PM Primetime Country with Gary Chapman on TNN
6/6 9:00PM Championship Rodeo(Mesquite) on TNN
6/20 9:00PM Championship Rodeo(Mesquite) on TNN


6/6 Reba will be performing for U.S. troops in Aviano, Italy.

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