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How Was I To Know

(Cathy Majeski, Sunny Russ, Stephony Smith) My world revolved around you Every word was a promise I was hangin' on Swept up inside a whirlwind I just couldn't see the end till you were gone I thought I would fall apart With shattered dreams and a broken heart Scramblin' in the dark Chorus: How was I to know That I'd be OK Thought I'd lose it all when you walked away How was I to know What I was so afraid of Turned out to be my freedom in disguise Now I know what I'm made of Guess it just took some time to realize I was blind I couldn't tell Put too much faith in someone else I gave up on myself

The Fear Of Being Alone (Walt Aldridge, Bruce Miller)

We ordered up one more bottle of wine You told me your story and I thought about mine You said when you lost her you lost everything It all started having a familiar ring So I asked you to take me some place quiet We wound up at the river for the rest of the night Somewhere around the break of day I could hear it coming from a mile away Chorus: So don't say that word Not the one we both heard too much You may think you do but you don't It's just the fear of being alone Reckless hearts can clear a path Wider than a hurricane's aftermath We've both traveled down that road Where in the name of love anything goes Like a child in the night With no one to hold you And tell you everything's gonna be all right I must admit it's been fun But that's no reason to jump the gun If this is real time will tell So let me bite my tongue and remind myself

What If It's You

(Robert Ellis Orrall, Cathy Majeski) I've got something to tell you that I just can't say So I'm writing it down in case maybe someday Our lives take a turn down a road We can't see right now I know you're happy and I'm happy for you But since you found each other I've been so confused Cause I believe there's one soul on this earth That was meant for mine I was sent here to find Chorus: What if it's you What if our hearts were meant to be one What'll I do Knowing that I'll never love anyone As much as I do love you What if it's true What if it's you If destiny called and I missed my cue Do I get one more chance Oh how I wish I knew I'll never again put my heart in the hands of fate If it's too late If I ever hold you I'll never let go But if I never do how will I know

I'd Rather Ride Around With You

(Mark D. Sanders, Tim Nichols) My cousin's gettin' married at the Methodist church That's why I stayed home from work I'm supposed to hold the flowers When the new bride kisses the groom That's what I'm supposed to do So what are we doin' with the windows rolled down Twenty five passionate miles from town Oh I love her like a sister baby but to tell you the truth I'd rather ride around with you The guy she's gonna marry's got money to burn His daddy's a partner in some big law firm Yeah that's how they're goin' To Hawaii on their honeymoon First class to Honolulu She's never even set foot on a jet I'm a little bit jealous I confess I'd like to fly to Hawaii But honey if I had to choose Oh I'd rather ride around with you I don't care where this road goes No I don't wanna turn around Let go of the wheel feel the wind blow Don't even think about slowin' down They're tyin' tin cans to the back of the car Wonderin' where in the world we are The preacher's done prayin' And the couple's sayin' I do That could be me and you There's way too many decisions to make The length of the dress The layers on the cake Oh one of these days I might get married too But I'd rather ride around with you

It Don't Matter

(Tommy Lee James) We've got a nice little house on a quiet little street But it don't matter A two garage with a new Cherokee But it don't matter Chorus: Cause we don't ever seem to talk anymore And you don't hold me like you did before We've got everything we wanted and more But now I know and now I see Nothing matters if you don't love me We've given twelve precious years of our lives But it don't matter And I guess for awhile we were both satisfied But it don't matter It wouldn't be easy to walk out tonight But it don't matter And I know I would miss you if you said goodbye But it don't matter

State Of Grace

(Trey Bruce, Lisa Drew) Grace worked down at Walmart For thirteen years she punched that clock Been two weeks without a day off She never gave it too much thought 'Til one morning in the mirror Two new lines opened her eyes And suddenly it hit her She still had the wings to fly Attention late night shoppers A two for one on broken chains Chorus: That's the state of grace It's the weak made strong It's finding what you're missing Was right there all along It's an open road to a better place It's a life worth living In the state of grace Grace cleaned out her bank account Bought a beat up camper truck Turned her pink slip into personnel Then tore her time card up As she drove away she wondered What New York City would be like And would the stars really keep you up On a clear desert night With a front seat full of road maps To help her lose her way Grace knew when she looked up There wouldn't be a sky If the dreams we'd been given Weren't supposed to fly

Close To Crazy

(Jerry Salley, Melba Montgomery) I still reach for you In the middle of my dreams each night But my arms come up empty everytime And lately I talk to your memory More than I should If I could just forget the past I would Cause this missing you ain't doing me no good Chorus: I'm so close to crazy Right on the edge Just one step away from going insane But I'm not there yet If I could just lose my mind I wouldn't know we're through But this close to crazy Is far from over you Today I caught myself Reliving how it used to be At a table for two just you and me But talking to an empty chair And laughing right out loud Turned everybody's head and left no doubt I'm a broken woman close to breaking down Repeat Chorus I still reach for you In the middle of my dreams each night

She's Callin' It Love

(Sunny Russ) Everybody's callin' it a real big shame She keeps lettin' him treat her that way He's older and he's wild She's such a pretty child He must be thinkin' 'bout one thing But there are stars in her eyes 'Cause she's thinkin' he might Give her that class ring Chorus: She's got his picture in a frame A heart untamed Callin' his house three times a day She thinks it's all she'll ever dream of And she's callin' it love She's callin' it love Daddy knows his baby's headed for a heartache And that part of growin' up is learnin' from mistakes But he can't let her go Cause he knows That boy's nothin' but bad news But daddy can't control her She's getting older There's nothin' anyone can do She might get hurt along the way But she's gettin' older There's nothin' anyone can do She might get hurt along the way But she's gonna find true love someday She's callin' it love She's callin' it love She's callin' it love She's callin' it love

Just Looking For Him

(Sunny Russ) She can concentrate on workin' Until her work is done She can hold a conversation As well as anyone She'll fool you with sincerity And if you didn't know her well You would never see it You could never tell Chorus: She's just looking for him She's only rememberin' She might look like she's ready To fall in love again But she's just looking for him She keeps one eye on the road And one on the other lane Lookin' for his car His memory's re-played She searches other faces Tryin' to find that spark But no one new can reach her Or fill her hollow heart Repeat Chorus Oh you'd better keep your distance Don't let her reel you in She's not quite herself now How could she be when Repeat Chorus

Never Had A Reason To

(Tim Nichols, Mark D. Sanders) All the girls I grew up with Got a husband house and kids That's what everybody did after school If I'd had a steady boyfriend I mighta stuck around like them but Back then I never had a reason to L.A.'s like another planet Had to live there to understand it And I thought when I first landed that California's cool Till I saw good girls gettin' outta control Endin' up sellin' their souls Oh no I never had a reason to Chorus: I never had a reason to stay To not walk away Nobody's heart was gonna break over me I never had somethin' worth keepin' Or somebody I needed Like I'm needin' you Baby don't you see it's true I never had a reason to believe in love To some love comes as a vision To some it's a sweet baptism Me and love had a head on collision When I ran into you Got some feelings I'm figurin' out No I don't know exactly how Until now I never had a reason to Repeat Chorus (leave off "in love") Repeat Chorus

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